Tuesday, November 6, 2012

John Podhoretz is a Symbol of Failure

How did I land on Commentary? Why did I bother reading John Podhoretz this evening? I want that five minutes back.

In any event, this is what wingnut failure looks like. You have the scion of the Podhoretz family, blogging like a demented madman who thinks he has found a scoop (pollsters alter the weighting behind their polls all the time because of questions about sampling, this is nothing new) and now he's forced to display his intellectual goods next to a delightful young model wearing an "I Pooped Today" t-shirt.

Commentary is so desperate for ad money that they jam an ad right in the middle of the page like an accusatory finger, shouting, click me! click me! and then, ugh.

I mean, just, ugh.

American conservatism seems to hates science, seems to delight in hating information and knowledge, definitely does want to start wars all over the world, and can't even put up a decent website.

Here it is Election Day, and their fraud is hanging out all over the place, ready to be laughed at. And I guess I did laugh, so, perhaps I won't get those five minutes back.

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