Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The President Has Been Outstanding

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Chris Christie is extraordinarily pleased with President Barack Obama and the Federal response to Hurricane Sandy. 

No word as to whether or not the Romney campaign is going to ask him to start complaining about the Federal response by the end of the day so they can make hay with something, anything in order to get Romney's earlier message of eliminating FEMA in favor of the states out of the news. The Republican narrative is, always, that the government can't do anything right so we might as well privatize everything. Well, when your town is underwater, you can't call the marketplace for help. You need the assistance of  the not-for-profit government.

It would be tempting to wonder if we're going to continue to be blinded by the white-hot light of ideology. At least for a moment today, Chris Christie has set that aside and has praised the efforts of the Federal government.

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