Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Edublogs Has Been Taken Out

There is something out there called edublogs, and, while I have never used it, I have used something similar for online education. The pages on edublogs recently went through a massive DMCA challenge and were taken down. I would argue that calling them blogs is misleading. Whatever they might be--study aids, collaborative learning portals, shared workspaces--they're really not blogs if it takes this long to notice that they've been taken down. Blogs are more personal; these were not really blogs, but if someone had more of a blog on there that fits more along the lines with a regularly updated opinion and interaction page, I wouldn't argue otherwise.

Finding a workaround shouldn't be too difficult. Whatever that turns out to be, don't use a Pearson product. Go out of your way, as a student and educator, to make sure that you're not using Pearson's products in any way, shape or form. See how their business model looks when educators and students make a concerted effort to punish them.

Pearson has a right to be paid but they don't have a right to overcharge for material that is out of date. Someone has overvalued their product and this has gone after the one area where fair use has thrived--in the educational field.

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