Thursday, November 1, 2012

Congratulations on Ruining Another Show, NBC

As much as I like Community, I'm just not waiting around for it. I may check it out at some point, but, I suspect that for a lot of people, the show ended when Dan Harmon was fired.

This is the new business of television. Do you like that show? You'd better be ready to have it torn to pieces before your eyes. Do you have strong, loyal feelings for the creative output of others? Too bad. In order to wring a few extra pennies from it, the powers that be will do whatever possible to ruin that show you believe in so as to make absolutely certain that someone who never watches television will continue to ignore what you like.

In a few years, will there even be any shows? Why would anyone watch what they're putting on the remaining television networks anyway? The real television is being made on pay cable.

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