Saturday, September 22, 2012

Where Did All of the Money Go?

You can add this to the tsunami of bad news for the Rmoney campaign, which is, of course, a rolling clusterfuck of #romneyshambles proportions.

The money is fleeing the building. The money is leaving. The money is running for the hills and the prospect of 2016. Romney is not a man who will be able to call himself President of something he does not already own. And his attempt to buy the Presidency has fallen flat with the general public.

All of the predictions about how someone could purchase office and ride on a gravy train full of false and phony pronouncements did not come to fruition this year.

But, hey. Bonuses for the hired help? That's what makes a donor tickled pink, right? The notion that you're paying out bonuses for shoddy work always makes the donors happy.

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