Monday, September 17, 2012

What I See Out of My Window

If you're tracking movement on the blogs, there's very little to note. Being busy, having things going on, and finishing up two college degrees has meant that my attention has been diverted to a dozen other things.

I have managed to keep up with a fair number of decent posts, and that's why the sidebars are so important. When I set up this site's template, I wanted to feature what's happening on the other fifteen blogs in a more prominent way--by putting that information in the sidebar to the right. Now, I'm thinking, why not shift that to the left and see if that makes a difference?

So, just a few tweaks and there you are. I've flipped the template and moved the items to the left, where they are more prominently displayed. All of my other sidebars are to the right; why not make this minor change and revel in the rebellious nature of blog design modifications?

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