Monday, August 6, 2012

This Is Why They Call Her Franzia Pundit

Ann Althouse, writ large.

Now, for proper context, let's look at the facts about Wade Michael Page:

My guess is, when you front a neo-Nazi band, and then kill people, there's definitely a connection between the music and the murders. When you think you know something about music, art and culture, at least pretend to understand that fronting a neo-Nazi band really isn't about working out those creative demons in your head--it's about whether or not you're going to gin up the courage to follow through on your hateful, vengeful, ignorant rhetoric.

Really? Fronting a neo-Nazi band has nothing to do with killing people? It's all just an artsy-fartsy expression of airy-fairy nothing ness? Well, okay then. I guess the use of indicators of behavior mean nothing.

In and of itself, not everyone who fronts a Neo-Nazi band goes out and shoots up a Sikh temple; I'll grant you that. But when someone does, it kinda is about the music and the murders being linked to one another that fronting a jazz combo or a mopey sadcore band simply does not suggest.

In other words, hateful extremism is a pretty good indicator of links between associations and behavior. If not, then I guess law enforcement practices regarding how it investigates hate crimes has been barking up the wrong tree since forever.

Ann Althouse is the stupidest person on the planet right now, and this, of course, depends on what Bob Owens and Joel Pollak are up to.

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