Friday, August 3, 2012

The Misogynists Who Love Ann Althouse

The very capable and demure Jenna Jameson has had some personal issues as of late, but her return to the news has been driven largely by the fact that she knows what is good for her line of work. Jameson is no longer an adult film performer; she is the seller of these things to a population that absolutely devours it, often for free. The fact that she still makes a living in the adult film industry means that she is more savvy than most.

What I love about the comments in this thread are the expressions of misogyny and prudishness; a good number of the people who love Ann Althouse really, really hate women for some apparent reason. Jameson simply cannot be a smart person with her finger on the pulse of what the country really wants like a good capitalist--she has to be a "screwee" and someone with an "empty head." Oh, and this is a wonderful way to show what it is you're really into:
A porn star can admit her penchant for indulging in bukkake with farm animals, and everyone in the industry will admire her honesty and willingness to push the envelope. But this will probably cost her bookings and income.....In point of fact, the political opinions of pornstars should be given neither more nor less weight than those of movie and rock stars.....I bet if you did a survey you would find that the overwhelming majory of pornstars are Democrats.
God, how sickening can you get without having to take a hit of crystal meth to survive that sort of mentality?

Then there's this clown and his obsession with how her grandchildren are going to view her. Likely, with a great deal of pride. Some people are not scared shitless of making a living. Why obsess over it?

Jameson is a woman with her own troubles but she is a complex person who can talk about what's wrong and what's right in her industry. She's like P.T. Barnum--she can make money off of the rubes all day long and tell you exactly why they love what she has to sell.

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