Sunday, August 19, 2012

Paul Ryan is a Chickenhawk

Paul Ryan has inadvertently established his chickenhawk credentials, and the funny thing is, he committed this unforced error by talking to Fox News.

A chickenhawk is someone who supports war but refuses to go fight in it; chickenhawk credentials are established when a person continues to defend their support for a war long after everyone else has made amends for their errors in judgment. A good number of people were forced to make amends for their votes or support for the Iraq War. When the lies that led us into war were exposed, those people made honorable attempts to right the wrongs they committed and undo the damage done to the United States.

Not so with Paul Ryan; he is using his vote to send Americans to war as a badge of courage and honor. What a shameful display of phoniness and cowardice. Unlike many, he has doubled down on his vote as voting in lock step with a lying administration and a Republican caucus run by fools is a credential worth bragging about. It is not; it would be braver for Ryan to admit that the war was a mistake that has helped bring the country to the brink of ruin.

Only in our dismal times can the act of "voting" to send people to war not bring peals of mocking laughter. Forty years ago, that would have driven the man from public life.

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