Friday, August 24, 2012

Oh, Mitt Romney Will Fix Your Taxes Alright

Did you know Keith Bruzelius of Alden was a billionaire? Because he's firmly on the side of making taxes lower for the billionaires and much, much higher for the working people of America.

Never one to pass up a slice of wingnut mania, the Albert Lea Tribune can be counted on to let some sad sack who is going to vote against his economic self-interests in November have some column inches to remind people that, gosh darn it, Mitt Romney is better on the tax issue, don't you know.

Never mind the fact that he has moved a tremendous amount of his wealth overseas, used tax shelters to dodge his obligations, and has an IRA worth between two and a hundred million dollars.

Apparently, Keith Bruzelius has a pile of money he's sick of seeing get taxed. Maybe he needs to hook up with Romney's tax accountants and protect some of that Alden mad money from those doggoned tax and spend liberals.

*Updated to reflect the fact that the Albert Lea Tribune now claims copyright over letters-to-the-editor.

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