Saturday, August 18, 2012

German Speed Camera

This is a very typical German speed camera. If you drive by this thing too fast, it will flash a bright yellow light (it is distracting; you cannot help but notice that it has flashed) and someone in Germany will process the image and send you a ticket. You have to pay it; there is simply no contesting it, despite what you may have read.

The impact of these cameras has been felt throughout Germany. People will warn you by flashing their lights at you when the more sinister mobile speed cameras are deployed ahead of you. Drivers proceed at exaggeratedly slow speeds near these cameras or where the mobile speed cameras have been detected. Then they will promptly speed up when past them. This impact on driving habits has not really gotten people to drive more safely; they drive more aggressively to avoid or cheat the cameras.

I don't know what the real impact will really be when the final tally of this speed camera experience has concluded. We live in a surveillance state; you must obey. And machines never make mistakes, right?

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