Thursday, May 31, 2012

Getting Away With It in America

John Edwards has already been convicted, in the court of public opinion, for being a scumbag, so this isn't really that big of a surprise.

What is sad about this is that people will not automatically reach the inevitable conclusion--the money that flows into our political system is tainted and it buys influence and it corrupts the process. You can, in America, get away with just about anything now so long as you're dealing with large sums of money. If you're talking about stealing a soft drink, a sandwich or a bicycle or a few hundred bucks out of the till at a supermarket, then you're talking about crimes which our country knows how to handle. These things can lead to jail, beatings, humiliation and the ruination of a person's reputation and potential.

If you're talking about a million dollars used to keep the unwashed masses from discovering you are a scumbag, forget about it. There shall be no accountability for such things. Our courts are clear on that. And our citizens don't have a clue how to serve properly on a jury, either.

The idea of civic responsibility ended a long time ago, apparently.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thailand Erupts in a Fury Over a Tweet

Lady Gaga did not insult the culture, the heritage, the language, or the religions of Thailand. She didn't give someone a noogie. She merely stated that she tweeted that she may or may not have bought a fake Rolex watch in an area known for knockoffs?

If this is what enrages Thailand, then Thailand is a nation of easily enraged people. Perhaps they've had enough concerts and Western culture. Oh, and definitely don't explain Etsy to them, either. Their poor, never-to-be-touched heads might explode.

Euro 2012 and Racism

In the United States, where European soccer is relegated to the depths of the sports section, there is a unique opportunity to learn from the racism of other countries. Next week, they will begin playing the Euro 2012 tournament in countries where racism is commonplace when it intersects with sports. Americans should pay attention to what happens because this issue is going to be at the forefront of the 2012 presidential election. What the world sees next week in Poland and Ukraine is going to be very similar to the tribalism of American politics that is already well underway.

Do not doubt what Mario Balotelli is saying. This is not hyperbole on his part. And he is not the only player who is wondering how bad the tournament will be.

The Question Regis Probably Didn't Ask Dave

I have scoured the text of the story, and I may be missing something important here. There were no questions about banging interns?

If you're going to sit down and talk to David Letterman, the first question needs to be about banging the interns and sleeping with the hired help. I don't know how you get through an interview without bringing that up.

The Republican Party Hates Veterans

I keep telling people that the Republican Party hates Veterans, and I think this message is finally starting to gain some traction.

The Republicans want to disenfranchise Veterans because they tend to be consistent with their voting patterns. Many of them are already Republicans, and vote Republican no matter what, so they are a safe voting bloc. Angering them does not automatically lead to defections, in other words.

The Democrats who can be identified as Veterans know that their benefits are under siege from Republicans. They know that the Republicans don't want to foot the bill for their foreign policy misadventures--to do so would be to acknowledge that they made a horrible mistake by invading Iraq and by creating so many wounded warriors. It was all about patriotism when it was time to vote for defense spending five or six years ago; now we hear about austerity and budget cuts when it comes time to figure out what we need to spend on rehabilitating and taking care of Veterans.

Naturally, they want to purge the voter rolls of anyone who even remotely sounds foreign. The fact that Mr. Internicola happens to have been awarded the Bronze Star for his service means nothing to these people; follow the link to the article and you'll see comments from the wingnuts who think that this man is probably an illegal alien, despite a lifetime spent in this country since returning from World War II.

If there's one thing that should have earned this man his citizenship and his dignity, it would have been his service. That means nothing to Republicans. They don't know what service is, and when they see a person who has served and who now identifies themselves as a Democrat, their first instinct is to disenfranchise that person and identify them as being un-American.

That's how it is in America right now--if you're a liberal, a Democrat, or someone who thinks that there is a progressive view of this country, then you have to be a socialist or a criminal. What a dismal state of affairs.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Even Fake George Tierney is a Ridiculous Douchebag

Yes, someone did try to set up a "fake" George Tierney page. Judging by their efforts, they have the mentality of a two year-old and failed to note that Tierney is a golf pro living in South Carolina and not a "gator hunting" yahoo from Flor-e-day.

What a sad commentary on the state of American humor and satire. Even George Tierney's fake Twitter page is a sad testament to the complete and utter failure of his existence on this Earth to inspire anyone to do anything more than whiff at the ball and fall on their ass.

You Are Just Now Figuring Out That John Edwards is a Horndog?

The whole article is worth posting here, if not for the photo of the poor, homely girl who received some attention in a bar then for the over-the-top indignation shared with us by the writer.

First of all, John Edwards was and is a horndog. That is not even news anymore.

Second of all, Edwards had no ethics.

Third, it's kind of late for a hit piece on a guy who has no political future and who is waiting for the jury to let him go, isn't it?

Oh, and how did I end up blogging about Edwards on my politics blog and now on my celebrity bullcrap blog? When did that shift in the cultural zeitgeist happen? Was I sleeping through another long weekend?

Careful With That Blog Title

There is the potential here for a misunderstanding, but I'm not going to draw attention to that potential.

I wish to merely state that, when you're naming a blog, be careful. There are people out there who may not be good spellers.

Not Too Cool to Show Up

Bob Dylan received his Presidential Medal of Freedom, but I have a hard time reconciling this with the song "Masters of War."

It's pretty clear where Dylan drew the lines in his life and in his art, and I am wondering what criticism he will face, if any, when all is said and done.

Aaron Walker Violates Peace Order and Goes to Jail

Memeorandum has turned into Crazy Town this afternoon, and who knows when it will all end?

For days now, conservative bloggers have been on a Brett Kimberlin kick, believing him capable of moving mountains and assassinating people and setting fire to the sun and bringing the rain down from the mountain--oh, that's not even the half of it.

Today, he goes to court and has a conservative blogger arrested and put in jail. This man must be a ninja of the law. What kung fu this man must possess.

When there is hysteria emanating from conservative blogs, run for the hills. Avoid at all cost. Bring your waders. But, what is really interesting here is the dichotomy between the bluster of these people and the capability of one person to make them fearful, go into hiding, and act like the sky is falling.

I'm pretty sure that I've read how impotent liberals are. I'm pretty sure I've seen the late Andrew Breitbart talk about how conservatives have all the guns and how the military is on their side and if liberals want a war, they're all going to lose that war. I'm pretty sure I've seen these people (after they ask y'all to hit their tip jar) shit their own bed in a panic over something some old hippie said on the Internet.

So, which is it then? Are liberals weak, powerless, and incapable of harming a fly? Or are liberals in possession of a mastery of the rule of law and a kung fu capable of shattering the fabric of time and space so that the Earth itself can swallow humanity?

You are not going to find those answers any time soon.

If you choose to look at the law, however, you can understand why Walker ended up in handcuffs. He wrote a 28,000 word blog post and incited a firestorm AFTER this peace order was issued:

Anyone who violates a peace order with a 28,000 word diatribe on the Internet should probably expect to be arrested. I suppose there are free speech considerations, but those protections likely end when a peace order is issued because, well, the "peace" of the community is more important than you getting dozens of conservative bloggers to incite their followers to do stupid things like issue death threats and publish Brett Kimberlin's home address.


This was posted over at The Blaze:

"He was arrested on second degree assault charges that were filed by Kimberlin when Walker, following a separate court hearing, took and held at bay Kimberlin’s iPad."
So, you can take someone's property, "hold it at bay," get arrested for it, and still find a sympathetic audience in the conservative blogosphere? Amazing.

Playing "keepaway" with someone else's property is all well and good, but you have to remember to yell "for pretend!" first. Everybody knows that.

You Do Not Have to Tip Your Waiter in Italy

Mark Zuckerberg went to an Italian restaurant yesterday and didn't leave a tip. Here's why this is no big deal.

Tipping is an American thing, to be honest with you. When you eat in an American restaurant, and have billions of dollars, you're expected to tip generously for mediocre food and service. Failure to do so will bring out the snark and the wolves. Waiters will even try to use social media to humiliate you.

In Europe, you don't really need to tip, depending on where you go. Zuckerberg went to Italy, and in Italy, you don't need to tip:

Here in Germany, if your meal is 32 euros, you pay your waiter or waitress directly and you can hand them 35 euros and they'll be very pleased with that, no matter who you are. They are paid, in most cases, a living wage and get benefits and time off. It's a solid, dependable line of work here. You won't get super rich, but you'll be happy with what some would call meager tips.

Zuckerberg sounds like a seasoned traveller to me, so calling him a cheapskate is a bit over the top.

An Infographic on Tipping

There are a lot of things to like about this graphic, and it makes excellent use of space and organization. It's informative, and it's timely.

I didn't know that you should tip someone who performs a funeral.

Tipping etiquette

No Reason to Call Them The Tudors

I think that the scholarship on display here is more than adequate to the task of explaining why the term "Tudor" does not appear in the writings of the 16th Century. Clearly, one would have to have a fairly significant amount of time spent with the writings and the materials of the day.

However, the written word does not equal the spoken word. A term like "Tudor" could certainly have been spoken or used when two people spoke of the monarchy, but the formal, written words used during that time may have avoided the term. We know that people cursed; rarely do you see written proof of what they said informally. We know they had sex; rarely do you find examples where the details are laid out in the text. We know there were jokes, songs, and cutting remarks made, because that is part of human nature. Funny how they were not written down all that much.

The official records and writings of the time may not reference "Tudor" but perhaps some of the more cutting remarks made between rivals included the term. Perhaps some of the songs of the era used the word as a shorthand or a mocking term. Saying conclusively that the term was not used is a little hard for me to believe, but I do accept what Mr. Davies is saying.

No Reason to Call Them The Tudors

I think that the scholarship on display here is more than adequate to the task of explaining why the term "Tudor" does not appear in the writings of the 16th Century. Clearly, one would have to have a fairly significant amount of time spent with the writings and the materials of the day.

However, the written word does not equal the spoken word. A term like "Tudor" could certainly have been spoken or used when two people spoke of the monarchy, but the formal, written words used during that time may have avoided the term. We know that people cursed; rarely do you see written proof of what they said informally. We know they had sex; rarely do you find examples where the details are laid out in the text. We know there were jokes, songs, and cutting remarks made, because that is part of human nature. Funny how they were not written down all that much.

The official records and writings of the time may not reference "Tudor" but perhaps some of the more cutting remarks made between rivals included the term. Perhaps some of the songs of the era used the word as a shorthand or a mocking term. Saying conclusively that the term was not used is a little hard for me to believe, but I do accept what Mr. Davies is saying.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Chris Hayes and the Chickenhawks

As per usual, the outrage expressed over the comments made by Chris Hayes are either phony or directed at the wrong offenders of decency and common sense. Mr. Hayes should have been smart enough to know that you don't criticize Veterans--you criticize the chickenhawks who hide behind Veterans and try to justify more wars. Many of the critics who are condemning Hayes are the same chickenhawks who wouldn't serve then and won't serve now.

I'm not the least bit offended by what he had to say. But, every Memorial Day, I think it is important to recognize the fact that the modern chickenhawk has had a great deal to do with our broken discourse and our inability to understand that what happened in Iraq was antithetical to the American experience. We were taken to war by cheerleaders, and their lack of accountability for that is the really appalling thing here.

I don't do much with Memorial Day. Don't thank me for my service; go and serve yourself. I did virtually nothing memorable or worthwhile in uniform, and I don't trade on that in order to get free drinks or to get into the VFW or the American Legion.

No one in my family has ever joined either of those two organizations. My grandfather certainly never had anything to do with those people. He was a veteran of Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal, Operation Varsity, and the liberation of Europe. He wore the combat medic badge. He didn't want anything to do with remembering the war; he celebrated his time spent in the Civilian Conservation Corps during the 1930s and I still have the newsletters he saved from that era. The men who sat in the American Legion and boasted about their war exploits were usually truck drivers who once drank too much and had a fender bender racing across France. 

Genuine heroes don't boast about anything, and they do not want to be thought of as anything but lucky to be alive.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

No More Golf, Mr. President

I don't have many claims to fame, but this article made me think of a day four years ago when I actually had something useful to say (at one of the first places I ever blogged at, which is now located here:
Tuesday, May 13, 2008 
We Call Bullshit 
Posted by Warren Street at 5/13/2008 09:10:00 PM 
BREAKING NEWSBush conveniently "quit" golf at the same time he was suffering a knee ailment: US President George W. Bush said in an interview out Tuesday that he quit playing golf in 2003 out of respect for the families of US soldiers killed in the conflict in Iraq, now in its sixth year. "I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal," he said in an interview for Yahoo! News and Politico magazine. "I don't want some mom whose son may have recently died to see the commander-in-chief playing golf," he said. "I feel I owe it to the families to be in solidarity as best as I can with them." The US president traced his decision to theAugust 19, 2003 bombing of UN headquarters in Baghdad, which killed the world body's top official in Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello. "I remember when de Mello, who was at the UN, got killed in Baghdad as a result of these murderers taking this good man's life. And I was playing golf -- I think I was in central Texas -- and they pulled me off the golf course and I said, it's just not worth it anymore to do," said Bush.***
Actually, it is far more likely that Bush quit playing golf because he was suffering from knee problems throughout the latter half of 2003.Bush, 57, will have an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) test on Thursday, Dec. 18. The body-scanning device enables doctors to see internal organs in 3D. The MRI is being performed on the advice of the President's regular White House physician. Last summer, Bush suffered a minor muscle tear in his right calf and that injury, along with aching knees, forced him to abandon his running routine. The calf strain healed by August when he had his annual physical, but the president said in September that he suspected he had a meniscus tear.
UPDATE I/Blue Girl
I say this as someone who has had multiple knee surgeries over the last 3 decades - the physical problems that are described above would be enough to bring an end to ones golfing days.
Here is the part that makes me feel kinda sick in the pit of my stomach - I think there is a bit of "George Costanza syndrome" at play. I think he might actually believe that he is telling the truth when he says he quit golfing for "solidarity" with the families of those who serve. Those unencumbered by conscience can lie at will and believe they are telling the truth. And that's our Bush.

***From an update to a post by Brandon Friedman at VoteVets: Bush actually played his last round of golf on October 13, 2003. This means that the reason he gave for quitting after the August 2003 U.N. bombing is dubious at best. More likely, he made the story up in a clumsy ploy to gain sympathy. In many regions and cultures around the world, this is called "lying."
Anyway, I think there are huge differences between then and now, in terms of who was lying about playing golf and who should be avoiding the press. To be consistent, it would be fair to criticize the President. It would be great if President Obama stopped playing golf until after he gets re-elected.

Florida is Still the Craziest Place on Earth

The interesting thing about this story is not that it actually happened but that it made the national news.

This kind of thing is standard, run-of-the-mill, par for the course, ho-hum sort of news in Florida. Insanity seems to come in a variety of flavors in Florida, many of them tasting like human flesh.

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Full Court Press of the Wingnut Chorus

America's wingnut chorus is worked up in a particularly frothy form of lather. They are barking mad, clawing at their eyes, howling into the woods kind of mad right now. They are braying for blood and eating the tender bits of their own eyebrows, trying to find some sort of relief from the thing that ails them.

America has a black president, you see. This eats the horrid parts of their souls. This feasts on their psyche. This aggression will not stand. The socialist Kenyan Marxist pretender to the presidency of white, Christian America must be gotten rid of. Their dementia has swung into view.

And what a view we have of the inner workings of wingnut, inc.

They are using some interesting issues right now. First, they have elevated someone named Brett Kimberlin to a status well above his pay grade in order to make martyrs of people who really, really need you to hit that tip jar. America's conservative bootstrappers have no cash of their own, you see. If you want to experience their public rantings, donate accordingly so that they can "succeed" in a marketplace that has, for lack of a better word, rejected the product they are selling to the public.

Second, they are highlighting the fact that the President once got high on pot. In many ways, this just serves to make him more popular, and his popularity amongst thinking people drives them the fuck crazy faster than bombs rain from the sky when a Republican has daddy issues.

Third, there is this phony idea floating around out there that Mitt Romney has a viable candidacy for the presidency happening right now. I don't care what the polls say. It's May. Nobody cares.

That's right, nobody cares. And that summarizes the desperation of the Republican/conservative/Tea Party movement right now. People just do not care and they are not paying attention.

No matter how hard these people yell, the American people tuned out months ago. Participation in the primary process was almost non-existent if you subtract the zealots in the Ron Paul movement and none of those people are ever going to vote for anyone but Ron Paul.

I mean, there is no enthusiasm for Romney or politics or a second Obama term or anything right now because no one cares. It's summer. People are broke. There are no jobs. This is something that can certainly lead to an Obama defeat in November, but it would take a mighty shift in public opinion and in the public's attention span for that to happen. The American people would have to suspend disbelief and accept the idea that a man who ran a predatory capitalist outfit that seized companies, carved them up, raided pension funds and put tens of thousands of people out of work has a better answer.

Hey, I watched that primary process--and Mitt Romney didn't excite anyone and he damned sure didn't demonstrate a command of the issues that would give anyone a warm and fuzzy.

If you support President Obama and have a clue, here's a message for you. These people got nothin'. In the words of R.E.M., their pockets are out and they're running about. They don't have an alternative view of the future of America that excites people. They have pot, Kimberlin, Biden saying something stupid, and Mitt Romney. A cry for mercy for their sad fate, and a prayer for the fools, if it pleases thee. On election day, how many dyed-in-the-wool born-again Christians are going to pull the lever for a Mormon? This is how deep their hate flows. They hate like it's going out of style. And as much as they hate President Obama, they aren't going to violate their "christian" beliefs and replace one Godless ursurper with another one.

There isn't anything they can put out there that isn't tinged with the kind of racism and hate that will backfire on them in September when people start paying a little bit of attention. The demographic shift of this country is profoundly in the direction of the Democratic Party, 2010 notwithstanding. The lighting in a bottle of the Tea Party movement is gone and people are going to have to choose between a future that looks vaguely American or a future run by priests, prudes, and pricks who want to take us back to the Spanish Inquisition.

Did I mention that it is May? Who is seriously even thinking about Presidential politics right now except for the crazies who flood their sites with hate in lieu of ideas? I'm seriously wondering why I don't have more summer stuff up and running right now.

Politics? Ugh.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

George Tierney Junior is Never Going to Go Away

Over the past few days, America's newest conservative social media darling has repeatedly suspended or deleted his Twitter account. As of 9:51 PM Central European Time, he's back up but now "protecting" his Tweets so that he can use the N-word and call women the C-word at his leisure.

Congress, the only think you're missing is George Tierney, Junior. I think you have a Congressional District somewhere in the deep south that he can represent. Won't you give this man a call? America wants to see leadership, and George Tierney, Junior, represents the kind of conservative voice that America yearns for.

Who better to stop socialism than a man like George Tierney, Junior, and his profane Twitter feed from hell?

[and what is hilarious is that he keeps changing his Twitter profile photo without bothering to remove his own photo from the Twitter page. It's as if he wants all of America to not see his Tweets, and not see his profile photo, but he definitely wants everyone to know what he looks like so that they won't mistake him for someone else.]

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This is About Voter Suppression

There is a storm brewing in the world of conservative bloggers, but it has an origin in something completely unrelated to their own deranged sense of being persecuted.

First and foremost, no reasonable person would condone a threat against a person or their family. That sort of thing should be condemned. If there is an actual threat against blogger Robert Stacy McCain, then I would hope that whoever made that threat is held accountable for it because there is no place for that sort of thing in an enlightened society.

Running a distant second is the timing of all of this, and that is what I feel is suspect. I would guess that we have a coordinated effort to discredit one of the leading voices on voting machine fraud and not so much a coordinated effort to deal with anything else.

This is absolutely the most important detail in the story—Brett Kimberlin appears to understand electronic machine voting fraud. He may have some credibility on this issue that goes back many years and several election cycles and the people who want to silence him know that his criminal past is a millstone around his neck. The only reason anyone cares about this guy is because he is, literally, one of the first people who figured out that Diebold voting machines were rigged to give false tallies.

Kimberlin has helped uncover the irregularities and problems with Diebold, and with the electronic voting machines that can be hacked. If your entire election in 2012 rests with being able to disenfranchise voters in urban areas (in other words, suppress Democratic votes), then you need to start going after all of the credible or capable people who can speak intelligently to voter fraud and to the fact that the 2012 election could very well be stolen.

Kimberlin has a sordid past as a criminal, a domestic terrorist, and as a drug dealer; claiming he sold weed to Dan Quayle is main his claim to fame. He was the guy in prison who had to be “hushed up” after Quayle was picked as VP in 1988. Whether he actually did or not is not something that can be proven on the Internets, of course, so that rests as an allegation and not as a fact (but some would argue it was probably true). But all of that does not change the fact that he has credibility when it comes to detecting and writing about voter fraud. He may have zero credibility anywhere else, but he does know the ins and outs of voter fraud and voter suppression as it relates to electronic voting machines.

What I was able to figure out is that he is a convenient target for phony outrage. He has legal means at his disposal, and he went after blogger McCain after a series of blog posts about him popped up on his site. Never one to miss a fundraising opportunity, McCain signed off on his “I’m leaving Maryland” blog post with a link to his tip jar.

I think that the wingnuts will go after The Brad Blog next, and will continue their work against any and all who can speak to voter fraud issues. But this “threat” is largely conjured up in their own minds because the only time the rule of law applies to them is when they seek refuge in it; when the law is used to hold them accountable for the crap they publish, then the law, to them, is illegitimately applied.

We’re dealing with drama queens and socially inept human beings here. In other words, there’s no ‘there’ there until someone working for a reputable news organization takes their bait and makes it a real story.

Bigfoot Does Not Exist

Well, this has the advantage of having the legitimacy of science behind it, doesn't it?

Given what I know of mythic creatures, I would not hesitate to say that there is no bigfoot and that these good people are wasting their time. But, who can say for sure?

Bigfoot Does Not Exist

Well, this has the advantage of having the legitimacy of science behind it, doesn't it?

Given what I know of mythic creatures, I would not hesitate to say that there is no bigfoot and that these good people are wasting their time. But, who can say for sure?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

That's George Tierney Junior to You

This is what happens when you don't understand social media. 

George Tierney Jr. is a man who lives in Greenville, South Carolina, and he's having a public meltdown on Twitter right now, cursing out people for no apparent reason.

Until they shut him down, enjoy the screenshots.

Yes, he went there. When you're using the 'N' word to make a point, you've already said enough about your character.

Yes, leave the poor man's father alone. Unless he's cussing people out, too.

Cory Booker Can't Take it All Back

As soon as people started to notice that Cory Booker was acting like a paid shill--and a concern troll to boot--he went into damage control mode.

The problem here is not with what Cory Booker said; it's with the fact that there are so many just like him who are not comfortable attacking predatory capitalism in an election year. Booker is not the only politician who needs an influx of cash from a big donor, and predatory capitalists like Bain are quick to throw money at both parties when they need to insulate themselves against criticism.

An open political process allows people to see that Bain once gave Booker a ton of cash; this allows us to assess Booker as a paid shill and as someone who may speak loudly about supporting the President but he won't hesitate to go to bat for whoever gave him money. He is, thus, just another out of touch politician trying to use the left for selfish reasons.

There is a damned good reason why the Obama Administration is going after Bain Capital.

Bain Capital, under the leadership of Mitt Romney, went after a lot of working Americans and destroyed their way of life for profit.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Scooter Girl

Deliver to:

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Scooter Girl
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Editorial Reviews

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This is the latest title on my author page, but you wouldn't know it because the title does not automatically associate with my author page (even though I am the author and the person who published the title).

A glitch? Yes, and a minor one. When it is fixed, this title will be available for free for about three more promotion days and then we'll see what's what.

George Tierney is America's Greatest Living Douchebag

This is George Tierney, and he lives in Greenville, South Carolina.

Apparently, he does not believe in using a polite and insistent tone on Twitter. He prefers to curse at women and act like a buffoon in public. According to one of the greatest bloggers ever, a one Mr. Tbogg, he is upset that people are taking screenshots of his vile, intemperate Tweets and he believes that there is a legal remedy for said actions.

There is no legal remedy. When he hits the button and sends his Tweet into the world, along with it goes proof that he has no clue whatsoever how to conduct himself in public.

George Tierney is America's Greatest Living Douchebag, and winning the AGLD takes cunning and skill.

I'll bet you didn't think I was going to go there. I'm going there:
Boy, that George Tierney of Greenville, South Carolina sure doesn’t understand how the Google works, does George Tierney of Greenville, South Carolina? I hear there are online rep management organizations that could help George Tierney of Greenville, South Carolina if George Tierney of Greenville, South Carolina were willing to pay them thousands and thousands of dollars.
But I’m not even sure that would help George Tierney of Greenville, South Carolina since the name, “George Tierney,” and the location, “Greenville, South Carolina,” appear on high traffic blogs and popular Twitter streams. And people keep saying “George Tierney of Greenville, South Carolina.” 
I think George Tierney of Greenville, South Carolina is shit out of luck. Unless he wants to change his name to something other than “George Tierney” and perhaps move away from Greenville, South Carolina. Maybe George Tierney of Greenville, South Carolina shouldn’t have been such a giant dick. Lesson learned, George Tierney of Greenville, South Carolina?
Oh, and after the jump, I have a slew of George Tierney tweets archived for future reference about George Tierney, including calling Kirstie Alley "fuckchop" and having a bit of a moment engaging The Christina Kim in a very vocal discussion. And, if you can stomach it, towards the end George Tierney engages both Oprah and President Obama in a discussion on Twitter as well (I do not think they responded to George Tierney).

Christina Kim is, apparently, not one of George's favorite peeps:

Now, why would a man say such things? Could it be drugs or alcohol? I think it could very well be. Either that, or Tourette Syndrome.

A lovely commenter pointed out that Mr. Tierney is not attacking Miss Kirstie Alley by calling her a "fuckchop." He is simply Tweeting the word "fuckchop" to her account because she asked people for terms and things of that nature. However, when is it ever okay to Tweet "fuckchop" at someone, regardless of their celebrity?

I have to say, Tweeting awful things at Brent Spiner is difficult to understand. First, I'm sure Brent cares. Second, I'm not sure what control he has over Facebook. Perhaps someone knows whether or not Brent Spiner is running the moderation department at Facebook? Anyone? And, third, when you have a personal problem, Brent Spiner is probably just going to sympathize with you, offer some great advice, and go about his business.

If you guessed that Mr. Tierney likes to Tweet after getting blotto, you might be guessing in a way that some would say is accurate. 

These posts follow a pattern that is not entirely inconsistent with having a bender and waking up face down, bareassed naked, on a burning sports car outside of church.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rick Reilly Embarrasses Himself Again

There are some who are speculating that Rick Reilly will not get another big payday at ESPN and that he will fade into obscurity, writing for whoever will pay him to show up and annoy people who play professional sports. My hunch is that MSNBC is the perfect place for him to land. Their sports coverage is ridiculous, their opinions are middle-of-the-road, and you can't get any worse than Jelisa Castrodale.

Reilly's column for the 18th of May is abysmally unfunny and full of lines like:

Situation: You suspect your opponent of cheating.
Old: The pencil is the best wood in your bag.New: Nice round, Mr. Trump.

Situation: Your buddy hits a drive that starts down the middle but then hooks into the trees.
Old: You can talk to a slice but a hook won't listen!New: That's a Kathleen Turner. It was pretty for a while.

Situation: Your line to the green is blocked by trees.
Old: Wish I had a saw in the bag.New: Where's an Alabama fan when you need one?

Situation: Guy takes three to get out of the bunker.
Old: Nice job, Saddam.New: That's OK. They'll fill that bunker up with sand again tomorrow.

Painfully unfunny and making $3 million a year? Yeah, that's Rick Reilly.

Austerity Never Created a Single Job

The 2012 election should be about jobs, but it'll probably be about birth certificates, dogs on car roofs, and bullshit.

You can read what President Obama has said here and wonder if there is any political will to make this happen (not with this Congress) and you can wonder if they are finally starting to listen to Paul Krugman at the White House (I hope so). The death of austerity cannot come sooner. It is really all about balancing budgets on the backs of the working poor and it has never created any jobs nor has it placated the supposed "confidence fairy" that, at least now in 2012, has been proven to be a lie.