Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Last Stand of Newt Gingrich

The end arrived about a month ago, but Newt Gingrich wasn't having any of it.

The end of his political career was the day when he ended up humiliated, beaten, and left by the side of the road in one of the states that he thought he was going to win. I have no idea which one that was--there were so many of them, you see.

Gingrich will not bow out because he actually hates the men running against him. He is fueled by hate, and hate alone, for a world that doesn't see how much smarter and handsomer he is than the men running for the Presidency. He is convinced of his brilliance in the way that most people are convinced that their first name really is their first name. He is a delusional hack, a shameless grifter, and a man who doesn't understand rejection.

The Republican Party, what little of it has actually voted or lined up to pick a person to run against President Obama, has rejected Gingrich and he cannot abide this fact. But, being a wealthy man with little chance of obtaining a cash flow producing position to replace the money he has had to spend on his vanity run for higher office because nobody likes him or wants to have anything to do with him beyond shaking his hand and easing away from him into the crowd, he had to cut loose some dead wood and cut costs this week.

It won't save him. He was born without self-awareness. He is doomed, but he will be the last person to get that when they read off the roll call of the doomed over the loudspeakers.
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