Wednesday, March 21, 2012

David Corn's Dead Tree World is Collapsing All Around Him

David Corn went into a Barnes and Noble store and complained--in what he says was a merely agitated way--about the fact that his new book wasn't on display.

One can imagine him scouring high-end bookstores for as far as the eye can see, confused as to why the distances between such stores keeps increasing month by month and year by year. A person can put out a book today and go out and visit all of the bookstores that are selling it. Two years from now, when the follow-up comes out, how many of those same places are going to be in business?

There's nothing wrong with hoping that the dead tree version of your book on politics has sold well. It's another thing entirely to think that this is how it is going to stay. Every day, we inch closer and closer to the demise of the bookstore and the hard-cover book. I'm not lamenting this; I welcome the rapid approach of our fixed-price E-book masters.

Does anyone else?
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