Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Your Congressman Sucks and So Does Mine

Yes, these are awful numbers and I'm still laughing over this comment from a couple of days ago. It was in reply to the idea that you can excuse anything that a Republican in Congress does by yelling "hey but Nancy Pelosi is stupid!"

Well, Nancy Pelosi never ran Congress into the ground quite like John Boehner, did she?

Anyway, I have always held the opinion that Congress will never really enjoy high approval numbers unless it gives free money to every American for a lifetime or finds a small country to bomb after holding a historic vote that allowed a few members to get up and yell about mom and apple pie. It used to be said that "your Congressman sucks but mine is an American hero!" Now, both of them suck and no one realizes that if they would just vote against the incumbent the next time they hold one of them there election thingys, this monumental amount of suckage might just get a little easier to deal with.

Gallup (no link because they're ridiculous) made me laugh completely out loud and roll about on the floor when it wrote "It is difficult to pinpoint any specific recent actions that may have led to the continuing deterioration in Congress' image..."

How about obstructing, doing nothing, and completely sucking for the last year? Is that specific enough? Working people in America are suffering and this Congress can't do anything. Is that enough of a reason why?

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