Saturday, February 18, 2012

Domestic Intelligence Gathering

The New York City Police Department has no business working with the Central Intelligence Agency. There is no reason why a municipal police department should be doing anything with the CIA; they are both encroaching on what is well within the purview of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Something here is broken, and it is at the systemic level. The FBI should have control of domestic intelligence gathering and monitor people who are suspected of being terrorists; they can certainly receive information that is freely shared from the NYPD and the CIA. Ultimately, though, the oversight and compliance of the FBI is the only thing preventing the abuse of this monitoring.

Who is watching over the NYPD and the CIA in this case? What judge is able to review what they have been doing? The FBI is required to answer to judges and when it does not, then there is a problem. That problem ultimately results in criminals going free.

As I said, something is wrong here. The CIA should not be doing domestic intelligence gathering and the NYPD is way out of its own lane. Someone at the FBI must be scratching their heads right now. Imagine if every major city in America tried this.

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