Thursday, February 16, 2012

Doesn't Everyone Know Who John and Ken Are?

You can read a story like this and wonder what they said. Well, John and Ken called Whitney Houston a crack ho.

Now, given the fact that she hasn't even been buried yet, that's still far too insensitive and harsh for California talk radio, and it probably wouldn't play anywhere else, either. There are certain things you can say about celebrities (if this was said about Charlie Sheen, no one would care) and there are certain lines that can't be crossed until the popular culture is ready for them. In the aftermath of Houston's death, there was a tremendous amount of name calling an insensitivity. much of it bordering on racially divisive language. Rarely, in death, is someone so profoundly abused quite like Houston has been abused wherever the mouth-breathing public can unleash anonymous comments.

Whitney Houston's rise and fall was undeniably a tragic story of great artistic promise thrown completely away over substance abuse and bad choices. But calling her a crack ho is crossing the line as it exists right now. KFI's bloodless suspension (hey, they'll be back on February 27th, so, you know, tune in) isn't fooling anyone.

When I sat down to come up with ideas for this post, it dawned on me that most of the country doesn't even know or care who John and Ken are; they are radio talk show hosts from California who appear on a talk radio station called KFI, which is a fairly prominent station when it comes to that sort of thing. They've been on, seemingly, forever, and that's what they do--they talk about things and they end up insulting someone or treading on sacred cows.

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