Monday, January 9, 2012

Which Standard Are We Applying Here?

I think this is a notable story to follow, just to see if it leads anywhere.

Anyone who thinks that various diplomats from the tier of also-ran nations don't get together and talk about "the great Satan" is fooling themselves. Of course Iran wants allies in the Western Hemisphere--and it wants them badly. The Venezuelans are more than happy to extend a diplomatic courtesy to any nation/state that wants to tweak the United States. But, in this case, which Mexican diplomat is going to be thrown out of the country?

Mexico did, in fact, host this discussion. It Mexico a hotbed of anti-Americanism now? When did that start? Yes, I am being facetious. But that's a good question, isn't it? What are the repercussions for Mexico in this instance? Or were the Mexicans working for us?

This discussion predates the creation of the US Cyber Command. Did we know about it then and did it play a significant role in helping decide the matter of creating this new area of the Department of Defense? The vulnerability of the energy infrastructure of the United States is well established. Aside from boondoggles, has that problem been fixed over the last four years? Or are we still claiming to be too broke to do so?

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