Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's Not to Like About This Piece?

Big, Easy Style by Bryan Batt - Excerpt

This is a really elegant piece of technical writing. There are some design elements here that work very well.

It's a real treat to select something like this and try to tear it apart. It has been done by a very good designer or team of designers; I would imagine that this book employed a fairly talented team of people who adapted a working set of rules to what they were trying to accomplish.

There is a centered sort of feel to it; when I scanned it, and read through the text and the examples, my eye was drawn towards the middle. The text was done in two columns, with the ragged right of the column, which is a little easier on the eye than two columns of justified text. This avoids the double chimney effect and makes the page a little more readable. And going with black text on a white background is great for a reader device or even on a computer screen. It has always served me well.

I also like how the pictures are run right up to the edge of the pages. The full-page photos bleed off the edges and have a tremendously evident glossy feel. If printed out, this would be a high-quality magazine spread; here, in book format, the magazine style is expertly adapted.

Why say anything bad? It's a great piece of material.

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