Friday, January 20, 2012

There Is Nothing Wrong With Using a Cougar as a Mascot

Technically, Courtney Cox is not a cougar. She just plays one on television.

Now, this is ridiculous:

For a school in Utah to use the cougar as a mascot is entirely appropriate. This is a lot better than dipping into the issue of Native American names as mascots; and it's a lot better than calling yourself the turds or the magic underwear brigade.

The problem here is that these adults have applied something that applies to them to their children; they have applied the term "cougar" to children. There's nothing wrong with a school using a cougar as a mascot. I think people are smart enough to realize that the high school mascot uses the large feral cat and not the oversexed forty-something adult female.

Perhaps this incident says more about the maturity of the parents than anything else. Who are these people and how is it that they have the time to sit around and worry about such things?

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