Saturday, January 14, 2012

The $680 Million Dollar Navigational Error

The loss of life is, hopefully, not going to increase before they figure out who may or may not be trapped on board this behemoth.

Look, I can sympathize with the idea that people want luxury and fun, but this monstrosity is far too large to ignore. The problems that occurred when they tried to evacuate the ship are already being documented. There were no life boat drills (although I doubt whether they would have helped) and there were too many people panicking. This is due to the fact that the ship went black and listed badly. Looking at it now, it's a wonder people were able to get out at all. That ship is just too damned big to handle or manage in an emergency.

Someone made a massive navigational error. The waters off Italy are some of the most well-traveled in the history of human seafaring. Somewhere, a fisherman or commercial boat captain is wondering who allowed such a large ship to get that close to such a place.

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