Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Terrified, Shivering Little Bunnies

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I thought this was pretty funny. Of course, I see the humor and the relevance in what follows and not so much what is actually in it. The news story in question is a non-event for me. These are the first few comments on the Washington Times website, and these comments follow the posted news item about President Obama's recess appointments.

There is a bit in there about declaring martial law in order to prevent the next election from happening--that is straight out of the deranged playbook of people who thought Dick Cheney was going to do the same thing. I mean, come on. Invent your own nutty possibilities, for crying out loud. Why recycle someone else's ideas?

These appointments were done in order to circumvent the obstructionism of the Senate Republicans, and you can see how actually standing up to these people leads to terrified, shivering little bunnies on comment threads.

Honestly, do you believe these sentiments? Are they satirical in nature? I don't get it.

When Bush did exactly the same things, allowed his Justice Department to sign off on torturing human beings, and violated every privacy law known to legal scholars, these people clapped and cheered and asked for more of the same. Now? They've messed themselves over a minor issue.

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