Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stupid, Lazy Parents Strike Again

The article goes on to say that it's just too darned hard to follow the law and ensure that every child gets a booster seat. And so, I guess we shouldn't judge the worthless, shiftless, incredibly stupid lawbreaking parents who are simply too fat or stupid to wedge another booster seat into the back seat of a car.

I hope they don't let children ride up front. That always boggles my mind. Everyone knows that a kid should be in the back seat, strapped in, and sitting on a booster seat or in some sort of secure seat. The mentality that just goes, "aw, to hell with it" is found in people who are going howl about not knowing and not being told and not having a warning sign on their dashboard. Those are the people who screw up, cause a tragedy, and then end up suing someone.

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