Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stay on the Phone, Selena Gomez

A recent photo showing Selena Gomez pumping gas while holding a cell phone may have provoked some outrage on the lame celebrity blogs that you've been reading lately. Well, don't fret.

Even though there are signs at gas stations that caution drivers to NOT talk on the phone or use electronic devices near gas pumps, there is no evidence that a cell phone has ever caused a gas station to explode. This has all been debunked by the likes of and others.

Now, is there a danger of static electricity? Absolutely. I don't know that what Gomez is wearing here would cause a static electricity spark; usually, that would be a big sweater or something like that. Clearly, she has dressed down to avoid causing such an event.

Always use caution when pumping gas. But don't worry about the cell phone.

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