Friday, January 27, 2012

Running on Whippits and Red Bull

In case you haven't been inundated with this already, Demi Moore ended up having a bad week. And, it just sort of hit me when I was trying to ignore this story and not blog about it. We have been treated to an alternative version of Demi Moore for the last decade or so that has been a complete and utter fraud.

Well, maybe not a decade, but the thing with Moore has always centered around the fact that she has stayed extremely attractive for her age and that she has maintained a very attractive figure well into her 40s. Weren't there TwitPics and people making a big deal out of her looks? Weren't there accolades and film roles based on the fact that she had a great body?

It was all based on her being addicted to Red Bull.

There are stories coming out now that she has been living off of Red Bull for ten years. How is that possible? How is it possible that she was able to do that? (Then there's the girl who lived on chicken nuggets--how awful if, in fact, it's even true).

In her attempt to maintain a career and a public image, Demi Moore has probably ruined her health. Was it worth it? Of course not.
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