Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rick Perry Is As Dumb As They Get

Our NATO ally, Turkey, has a right to be outraged at the brazen stupidity of the Governor of Texas. Sadly, this is only the stupidest thing Rick Perry has said in a matter of days. If he understood the role Turkey plays in the security of Europe and in the region where it is located, he wouldn't say such things.

Turkey has a problem with Islamic fundamentalism, but it is not ruled by terrorists. Perry is too incompetent to know this. He would have to be fairly well versed in the leadership of that country and the difficult road ahead for the people of Turkey. The battle between fundamentalism and secularism is difficult for any country, and the United States knows full well what that means when it has to deal with the likes of Perry, Santorum, et al.

Unfortunately, this man knows nothing and he has demonstrated that he cannot and should not be President. He's simply too stupid to hold down the job. This is the year of the brutally moronic simpleton. The more drivel and nonsense you emit, the louder the claps from the brain-dead dolts who pull the levers for you. Anti-intellectualism is practically a requirement when running for higher office under the Republican banner. Yukking it up about God, furriners, and guns is your only hope.

Rick Perry yuks it up pretty well for a man like himself. And yet, he's still too slow to comprehend the fact that he was blown out of the water in Iowa and New Hampshire. In point of fact, he's just too goddamned dumb to drop out of the race; someone is going to have to hold his hand and gently lead him, smiling and waving, from the stage and into the ambulance with the padded walls and ceiling. Hopefully, he won't have any pens in his pants pockets.

Now, did he mean well? Of course. He meant to stir up anger at anyone different from us so that his tribe could select him to be their nominee for the presidency. He's no worse than any intriguing, loud-mouthed Turkish politician who is using fear and ignorance to shore up his power.

Is Rick Perry then very much a disgrace to the idea of freedom and democracy? Yes. And an ignorant one at that.

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