Thursday, January 5, 2012

No Love For Saudi Lingerie Salesmen

This is fantastic news for women who have been waiting their whole lives to sell underwear in Saudi Arabia, but it's bittersweet news for the thousands (millions?) of lingerie salesmen who now have to find work elsewhere.

Did anyone stop to think of all the men who are now going to be denied their access to the secrets of ladies underwear? Saudi Arabia is a very repressed and confused place, and this is because males are not allowed any outlets for their sexuality. Somewhere in Saudi, there are pairs of happy-go-lucky underwear salesmen, giving each other fist bumps for the last time as they leave the mall and look for a Gap outlet to go work in.

I don't know that they work in pairs, however. I'm assuming that they would work in pairs in order to keep each other grounded.

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