Monday, January 9, 2012

Let Us Hear the Crazy Man's Words of Wisdom

You know, it's not censorship if you do not print letters to the editor such as this one.

Mr. Skimland is free to put his crazy ideas out into the marketplace and the newspaper is not obligated to print his confused and sickening ramblings. Really, does he say anything wise or profound? Of course not. He goes on a veiled diatribe against the born so that he can beat his chest as a defender of the unborn. If you believe in the sanctity of life, why do you draw the line at only those who haven't been ejected from a womb yet?

He reads like someone who hasn't bothered to figure out how to conduct himself like a decent or rational person. I don't know why a man who clearly hates anyone whose skin color is different from his own would think he could get away with a blatantly racist diatribe like this, but, hey. As long he has an outlet, let him write letters and let his ideas flourish in the marketplace. He's clearly one of those people who believes that a fetus is sacred but, once you're born, forget it, sucker. You're on your own.

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