Tuesday, January 10, 2012

George Morris is a Jackass

When I first made note of Gabrielle Giffords and her recent commemoration of the shooting that nearly killed her, I wrote about how she has never played the victim in all of this. Mr. George Morris was a victim of the shooting, and he lost his wife. He is entitled to feel the way he feels and I would not say otherwise. I have sympathy for his loss but a lot of anger about how is conducting himself. So, do I punt and fail to say something or do I say something and risk appearing to be on the attack against a man who was shot at in public by a madman and lost his spouse?

Yes. And I will say this--he's an intemperate jackass and about as stupid as you can get. I'll split the difference and just call him a jackass.

His jackass routine falls flat because, well, he can't quite make up his mind who is to blame and cannot demonstrate any class when it comes to what happened. He has a right to be angry, but perhaps he should direct his anger at the gunman and the atmosphere of violence created by people who wanted to run Gabrielle Giffords out of office. This atmosphere was created solely because she is a liberal. Had she been a conservative, Morris would not feel this way--hence, he's a jackass for saying what he has said. This hateful, eliminationist rhetoric is the cudgel he uses in life to rail against whatever he doesn't like. Is it too much to expect him to be an American and put all of that aside in a crisis or after a terrible event? I guess so.

He's stupid because he thinks astronaut Mark Kelly should have hired security for his wife's Congressional event. Astronauts don't protect members of Congress. And members of Congress probably do need security because of all of the impotent rage directed at them by jackasses who hate them solely because they don't agree with them on the issues. I'll give him a pass on this one--he obviously hates Congress, knows nothing, and is blinded by partisanship. Same here, buddy. And the finger I'm waving at you really doesn't mean I think you're number one.

I think his jackassery needs highlighting. This is a snippet at the end of the Arizona Central article:

So, he is suffering, he is using online dating sites, and he finds a woman. He finds some measure of comfort in this world after his horrific loss. And he rejects her solely because of her liberal beliefs.

Again, what a jackass.

[Oh, and, dammit--there are no "former" Marines. Once a Marine, always a Marine. That always bugs me when I see that. It's right up there with "he won the Medal of Honor]

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