Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Key Word Here is Usually

Our super-elites lead charmed lives. They float through the ether, leaving bits of themselves on others, and no one thinks twice about ethics or values anymore. Those are for suckers. Strauss-Kahn goes on to say that there were "usually" no hookers at the parties he went to. Were there usually people with cameras willing to take pictures on the sly and bribe people? Were there usually agents of foreign powers there, looking to spring the well-worn honey trap? Thank God this man has no chance of being a partner when it comes to the security operations carried out by France in conjunction with other nation/states.

I still can't figure out if he merely self-destructed or if he was the target of a coordinated smear campaign. Someone had to have sent that maid into his room with the intention of getting him to do something he wasn't supposed to do. But, in the mind of Strauss-Kahn, there were no limitations on what he was "supposed to do." There were no moral or ethical boundaries.

This is a man who clearly lives a life entirely free of accountability (until recently) and who gratifies himself any way he can. In this regard, is he any different from a Baptist preacher who does meth and demands gay sex in return? Is he any different from any elite member of society at any stage in human history?

No, of course not. But even the French can see that he is too randy and too easily compromised to trust.

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