Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sarah Palin is America's Old Nag

If you want to hit the Obama family for something, hit them for their holiday card. It features a dog laying in front of a fireplace--a clear violation of Sarah Palin's old nag sensibilities. Why on Earth would the White House risk offending Palin during the pivotal run-up to the 2012 Presidential Race?

Making Sarah Palin mad is a disastrous move, I tell you. Why, fifty or sixty of her Facebook fans might snicker about her latest missive and do nothing except eat another late night cheeseburger and burp something at their own unwalked dog.

Seriously--this was reported as news? Sarah Palin didn't like the holiday card that the Obama family sent out? Why didn't someone ask her why she's sitting on her ass this Christmas and not running for President if she has this many problems? Clearly, she's the only person who can save us from a world where the President and his family put out tasteful and culturally sensitive holiday cards.

Maybe they can find a poet laureate job for Palin next year when President Gingrich is sworn in. America's Scold is occupied by Mika Brzezinski. America's Skank is occupied by Lindsay Lohan. America's Old Fart is occupied by Billy Graham. America's Darling is occupied by Tom Cruise once again. I guess we'll have to call Palin America's Nag.

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