Monday, December 12, 2011

Parking Guide for Esslingen am Neckar, Germany

Parking Map Esslingen Am Neckar

This is a fairly straightforward map. If you want to park in Esslingen am Neckar, this is what you will need.

The reason why larger German towns have guides like this is for the common sense reason that, without one, finding parking (and parking legally) can be daunting. So, a community will provide one of these maps and make it available. I don't know what the extent of the positive impact is; I suppose that if this map helps demonstrate that Esslingen am Neckar is:

  • User friendly for travelers and visitors
  • Modern enough to have a parking guide
  • Dotted with interesting places to visit

Then the results could be as varied from encouraging more people to visit to preventing parking problems and illegal parking.

In any event, I like the fact that they have embedded photos of the buildings and attractions inside of the map. I think that helps, to some degree anyway.

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