Friday, December 30, 2011

It's Over For Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Well, that's very sad. You never want to see people split up if you really care about entertainment and the various aspects of it that surface. In some respects, it is no one's business what goes on between two people. They do their thing, and they should then be allowed to have a private life. Too much of the celebrity machinery is dedicated to the fall of the celebrity rather than celebrating what it is they actually do. If people cared about the talented aspects of celebrities, and if there was more emphasis on that, they would get better celebrities rather than fake ones.

Americans get Katy Perry. She is a singer and entertainer who can do just about anything and do it well. They do not get Russell Brand, who is more at home before an English audience than an American one. He definitely plays better that way. I don't think he really believed in his own film career and I think he will be happier living and working in Britain. What does he have lined up to do in the states? His films have flopped and his style of humor runs a little too hot for American audiences. He's funny but he has not found a way to connect.

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