Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Civil Rights in Cincinnati?

It all sounds like something out of a bad movie, doesn't it? The kind of movie that is ignorant of the law, ignorant of history, and has no connection to the culture. Every time someone says that there is no racism in the United States, think again. There is racism. There are people who have forgotten the Civil Rights era and there are people who think they can do this stuff and get away with it.

Punitive damages are one option open to the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. And that's fine. But, I guess, what I want to see here are three or four lawyers from the Justice Department, lined up, ready to get all Federal on this case. Before the Bush Administration gutted the Civil Rights division, I would like to think that there were people who took care of people like Mr. Hein and set him straight. Perhaps that is just a pipe dream now.

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