Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Seth McFarlane Loses His Mind

First of all, Seth McFarlane is a talented guy who knows how to make people laugh and work with animation. He knows where the line is.

If you watch the clip, and just ignore the phony outrage embedded around it, you'll feel sad that McFarlane allowed his show to depict a woman being shoved out of camera view and abused. Of all the things that I have ever seen him do, that was by far the worst thing. The context is missing from the clip, however. Without a better read on the context of the piece, it's difficult to defend McFarlane from his critics. The scene should not have been done in that way.

One and done for that episode, or recut it to remove that piece of animation. One and done. It should never have made the final cut and it shouldn't have gotten past McFarlane.

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