Friday, November 25, 2011

At Some Point, People Will Stop Caring About This Stuff

Bear in mind, this is just stuff.

People need stuff. They need comfort and they need consumer goods. But they are now realizing that this stuff is drying up. The money isn't there anymore. The goods aren't as necessary anymore. People are going to turn on this kind of thinking and figure out something else.

It won't be an austerity kick or a threadbare sort of vogue. People will realize that they just need less stuff. Information wakes people up, almost intrinsically. You can do more with less. You can have a comfortable, joyful life. You just need to do it without as much money and with less crap. Everyone can get there. Hopefully, someone will show the way.

What empowers the 1% is the fact that they have spent the last few hundred years figuring out how to tame and placate the populace. That opiate for the masses? It isn't religion anymore. It's stuff.

What broke about five years ago was the mechanism through which the 1% would stop absorbing wealth and allow some of that comfort and that "stuff" to filter back down to the masses to keep them fat, dumb and happy. The mechanism snapped, breaking itself into a multi-trillion dollar loss that no one knows how to adequately explain. Well, I know--your home value, your 401K, and all the raises you're not getting--that's where those trillions went.

I don't condemn these people for fighting over stuff. Everyone needs to get just a little bit of it. We're talking about a basic human need. But when people get smart and start doing more with less, the 1% will have a little less leverage. That is the price of breaking the mechanism.

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