Friday, October 21, 2011

Sympathy Does Not Enter Into This Equation

I place human life over animal life, and, for that I suppose I deserve a bit of abuse. I don't know why, but oh well. You have to take a stand on these issues and you have to be willing to take your lumps.

Training military medical personnel with live pigs ensures that they will be ready to face the blood, trauma and stress of taking care of live human beings when they are wounded or injured. This is a proven technique that helps medical professionals connect with another living thing and do whatever it takes to keep it alive. This is vital and badly needed training. The more training we do like this, the better off the personnel are going to be when they face a serious situation.

I do not condone cruelty to the pig, and I acknowledge that it is a creature that has endure a lot of pain before ultimately dying. But human life has to come first.

Now, there have been calls for change, and I acknowledge those. Can they create an artificial person that reacts like a human being would under similar circumstances? Well, that would be fantastic technology. Until then, they have to keep training with pigs and, in some cases, goats. If they trained with dogs, well, the science isn't exactly there (pigs are the best candidates, as far as I know) and people would really get bent out of shape.

I'm not going to add anything about the end of exercise pig BBQ, so let's finish on a high note.

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