Monday, October 31, 2011

Oh, Herman

Why is this coming out now?

Putting this out in January would be better timing. If you haven't already noticed, there's a race on for the Republican nomination to run for President. Between now and then, someone is hoping to raise a lot of money. When it became apparent that Cain was going to soak up some of those dollars, I guess someone pulled the trigger on the release of this information. If the allegations are sickening and overly-frisky in nature, I would think that it would end the Cain campaign.

Whenever you settle a sexual harassment claim, you have to realize that there is paperwork generated. If there was not basis for the harassment, typically the claim is not settled out of court for at least $10K (that's the minimum; if this was settled, I would imagine that the amount was $50K or more). If this paperwork surfaces, the Cain campaign is in jeopardy. Someone may have given the women who filed these claims that, should they violate their confidentiality agreement, a large sum of money will be paid to them in compensation, probably out of the inheritance of the Romney offspring. Oh well.

Herman Cain? President? Please.

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