Monday, October 24, 2011

Hey, That's No Way to Say Thank You

Out of sheer decency and common sense, people like this should be thanking President Obama. And if they cannot bring themselves to do just that, they should shut up and pretend they didn't notice that the President of the United States basically just got done bailing the country out of a major foreign policy blunder and nightmare.

Being stuck in Iraq in 2008 didn't help the Republican Party at the polls. Ending the war now and pulling out gets this issue out of the discussion with regards to 2012. No one should bring it up. Both parties, tainted by their funding and support of the war, should move on and treat it like it didn't even happen.

Instead, we have nonsense like this.

The "defeated enemy" was the Ba'ath Party of Iraq, and they were run out of power by April, 2003. What we have had since then is a protracted fight against an assortment of insurgent elements trying to gain power by any means necessary. The people who threw us out received a great deal of CIA support gaining and holding office; these are our handpicked lackeys who did this. The fact that they get their marching orders from Iran is actually our fault.

And President Obama just fixed this problem. All we need to do now is wait for one serious attack and abandon our embassy and leave entirely. Only the Iraqi people can build the new Iraq and, given what has happened, I don't think they want us around anymore. We should oblige them and leave entirely.

Every Republican candidate for the Presidency should be asked if they think we should deploy 5 or 6 divisions to Iraq and start over again. I'd be curious if any of them think we should muster a force that can re-occupy Iraq.

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