Sunday, August 7, 2011

You've Gotta Think These Things Through

It's a noble attempt, but something goes amiss here:

I have to remember to be nice, so I left this comment:

Wait--look for jobs in natural gas and shale oil here and 

"in Canada?"

How does looking for jobs in Canada help anyone in the U.S. do anything other than...leave the U.S. to go work in Canada and then pay taxes into the Canadian system?

Are you advocating a situation where Americans go to Canada and work and then send their money south of the border? Because that's what people from Latin America do. They come to the U.S. and they work and send their money south of the border. 

So, Americans should do what people from Latin America do and go north, looking for jobs and opportunities?

As for the Chevy Volt--it's only available in five states. As of this month, it will only be available in 9 states. How does that translate into selling "only" 200 cars? The fact that they're selling any cars right now is a miracle. Maybe everyone should go work in a Canadian shale field and send their money home in envelopes so their desperate relatives can go buy a new Chevy Volt.

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