Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Sam's Club Republican Gives Up and Goes Home

The gang that couldn't shoot straight loses a member. And with the departure of Minnesota's ex-governor Tim Pawlenty comes the realization that there isn't anyone running for President who can claim to speak for working people. And that goes for both parties--nobody cares about working Americans.

You could argue that Pawlenty didn't care about them, either, and I wouldn't disagree. But here's the reality of his departure--Pawlenty was the closest thing to a real advocate for working people in the Republican Party. All of the rest of the candidates are slaves to the wealth that propels them along (or the delusions that accompany those dollars).

Pawlenty had that erstwhile connection to people who shop at Sam's Club. It was a significant part of his appeal for the 150 days of his campaign for the Republican nomination. Now? Forget about hearing anyone champion those people. They didn't turn out to support him in the phony run-up to Iowa and New Hampshire which is months and months away.

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