Monday, August 22, 2011

Swimming Pool Flyer

Flyer Freibad Calw-Stammheim 2011

This is a nifty little piece of technical writing that helped me solve a problem. Not a big problem, but you get the idea.

Where, on this flyer, do you find the information you need when you don't speak German?

Well, it's not hard, actually. I don't need an English language version of this document because I can translate the bits and pieces that I need. And the way this is laid out and organized makes it easy for me to find the parts that I am looking for.

If I want to go to this place, I can see, visually, what's available. I can find the prices in the euro denomination--it has multiple tiers listed. What I wanted to know was, is this place open on Sundays?

Well, if my limited command of the language tells me that Sonntag means Sunday, then the abbreviation of "So" must mean that the place is open on that day. I would prefer if the flyer spelled out the actual days, but using the shorthand of So-Do in the place of Sunday through Thursday (Donnerstag) means that I can find what I want to find.

If I were going to change anything about the flyer, I would update this aspect:

When was the last time you used your Polaroid camera? Doesn't this seem a little out of date? From a graphical point of view, using Polaroids is fine if you're going for nostalgia, but it does seem a little jarring because this is a flyer that deals with the 2011 season for this facility.

And, just so you know--the facility is excellent. I love this place.

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