Friday, August 5, 2011

Roger Simon Has Lost His Mind

Talk about your spinning cups of crazy. Did Roger L. Simon call for President Bush to resign when the Dow dropped a whopping 777 points in one day (September 29, 2008)? Did Simon call on Bush to do the honorable thing when the Dow collapsed? Did he call for Bush to quit when we were slumming with a market that had lost several thousand points? No, of course not.

Everything is the fault of liberals. Conservatives are never to blame for anything. They've had tax cuts and handouts for the last decade and now they can't figure out why our economic system is flailing and broken. Were it not for President Obama, it would be far worse and we probably wouldn't even have an American auto industry anymore. A good rule of thumb is, you're doing pretty well as President when everyone is mad at you. See Harry S. Truman on that one.

Not that President Obama is equal to President Truman, but still. Things could be a hell of a lot worse.
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