Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Prager Fails Again

Poor Dennis Prager. The world has passed him by. And all he has left is this pedestrian and simplistic nonsense. Yes, it would be nice to observe the rule "Thou Shalt Not Kill." I can't wait to hear Prager's condemnation of Israel (and I'm not holding my breath for any consistency).

Prager has a problem with his trip down wishful-thinking lane:

Who, exactly, constitutes a "false God?" Are the Native Americans wrong if they worship The Great Spirit or are they in the ballpark with their monotheistic thinking? What about Vishnu? I have no problem with people who worship Vishnu. What about Allah? Because Allah is pretty much the same as Jehovah, and, man, does that open up a can of worms. What about the worship of the pagans and the druids and the Celts? Weren't they in the ballpark and wasn't quite a bit of Christianity hung on the framework of pagan beliefs anyway, right down to building Cathedrals and churches where the pagans worshipped?

When you sit there and try to say "all of these people are wrong, I'm right" I just can't help myself for laughing at such a blatant attempt at domination and indoctrination. Prager is flirting with eliminationist rhetoric because those are the people who pay his bills and read his crap.

I'll do you one better. We don't need the Ten Commandments. We need to follow the Golden Rule.

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