Saturday, August 6, 2011

Of Course Wikipedia is Dying

Organizations have to evolve and adapt. Wikipedia won't survive if it doesn't go back to being a place where people can add knowledge to the site. If you go to the Gawker article linked above and read the comments, you'll find a slew of people who cared and wanted to contribute content and had their efforts deleted by amateurish fools.

What you have there now are editors who have too much power to run wild with their own agendas. It's all but impossible to add material because the operating methods of Wikipedia now are all about allowing these editors to marginalize the careful work of others so that they can demonstrate that they are holding the site to a standard. What they are losing is the dedicated effort of lots of people who actually know things and want to add them to the site.

But, hey. That's the Internet. It's where assholes multiply and good things vanish.

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