Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jelisa Castrodale is a Ridiculous Fool

If you can get past that rather buffoonish and amateurish introduction to her "opinion" piece, you're a better person than yours truly. I opened the article expecting some clear, concise argument and I ended up with a rather uninspiring case of Too Much Information.

Is Tiger Woods the most dominant golfer ever? You could make the case that in the years when he was active, healthy, and winning, sure. But he will never top Jack Nicklaus as a golfer precisely because he will probably never win as many major tournaments as Nicklaus. That is the accepted metric for determining who is the best golfer; that's how this will be decided when Woods is retired (sooner, rather than later?) and that's the standard.

She cites the 1973 article where Sports Illustrated called Nicklaus the best golfer ever after he won his 14th major. This is sheer insanity, and it's nit-picking. Sports Illustrated was dealing in hyperbole--the man's career wasn't even over. Whoever edits this stuff should have sent it back to her for selecting a poor and dim-witted place to begin.

Castrodale is a monstrously incompetent fool. Who hired her and why are they paying her money to write things like this? Has someone discovered that the secret to successfully building a web site is to hire the stupidest people possible and hope that their sheer audacity with the printed word is enough to generate hits?

My God. What a moron. Have I made that clear? Or am I nit-picking?

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