Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fred Barnes Can't Remember Which Version He's Supposed to Go With

Fred Barnes can't come up with anything worth writing about, so he has decided to try to get something negative about President Obama out there by way of making a ridiculous comparison to President Ronald Reagan. This is standard lazy columnist fare. Obama couldn't possibly be as good with the media as Reagan--and here's why!

Reagan "tried harder" after the 1980 campaign by continuing to make gaffes that nearly led to nuclear war. Did Barnes conveniently forget that Reagan was the king of gaffes, making them so often that he had to be carefully shielded from the media for practically the entire duration of his presidency?

President Obama is a failure, you see. And Fred Barnes will stop at nothing to prove it! But, wait. When we say "stop at nothing," do we really mean that he will "write thoughtful columns that prove this" or do we mean that he will "phone it in and transmit ill-conceived bullshit?"

Who's lazy now? And isn't it something when Barnes can call the President lazy while writing a column so devoid of analysis and inspiration that it, in and of itself, almost defines the laziness of the so-called intellectual right?

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