Friday, August 19, 2011

Christine O'Donnell Can't Sell Her Book This Way

Miss O'Donnell wants to sell books, but the media isn't cooperating. That's what this is about. Her views are irrelevant because the voters rejected her candidacy. She can say and do whatever she wants because this is a free country. Her ideas, however have been rejected in the marketplace of our electoral process. Why the interest in her as an author all of a sudden? That's the curious thing here. She is a national laughingstock who hasn't been right about anything except until now, and she is correct--a man wouldn't be treated the way she has been treated. There are a slew of men who believe what she believes, and they serve in the United States Senate right now. No one questions them about their ridiculous views. They are accepted as being statesmen and serious people. The double standard at work here is breathtaking.

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