Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bill Kristol is Ridiculous When He Talks About Defense Issues

Just a snippet of his "Decline is a Choice" post.

Any decline in America's fortunes and readiness is being forced by a terroristic element serving in the U.S. Congress. The Tea Party should be labeled a domestic terrorist organization. It is terrorizing the American people by threatening to ruin the economy so that it can ram a Tea Party-acceptable candidate onto the Republican Party's national ticket. If you ruin the American way of life, you are serving the terrorists who want to ruin the American way of life. It's that simple. A small, vocal minority is imposing its will on the majority because we have a weakened media structure that isn't brave enough to tell the American people how crazy they are and how un-American their movement is.

William Kristol is smart enough to know that the Tea Party can be a useful foil for hurting the political standing of the President. If and when a Republican wins the Presidency, the Tea Party will vanish. The Republican establishment will eliminate them by force in order to allow that president to continue the policies of redistributing wealth upwards. Once the Tea Party figures this out, don't hold your breath and wait for the media to explain that, either.

Does America's force need modernization? Well, if we're looking at what has happened over the past ten years, there's no question--America's military has modernized itself and transformed itself already. This is a vastly different military than the one that was in place on September 11, 2001. It's a force that has been reorganized for near-permanent war and one that went from vinyl-sided HUMVEEs to some of the most sophisticated fighting vehicles in existence. We have superiority at sea, in the air, and on land. True, much of America's aging fighting equipment is rather outdated. We have motor pools full of vehicles that will never see war and we have countless numbers of weapons programs that have been overtaken by world events. The defense budget is bloated and deserves cutting, though. Kristol could never bring himself to admit it, of course.

Does America's force size need changing? Well, if we stop the endless rotations in Iraq and Afghanistan, we can draw down through attrition and transition much of the force to civilian life. Former Defense Secretary Gates has already initiated huge cuts in Defense spending and has killed many of the modernization programs that were requested by the various services. This was set in motion long before we reached this point.

Does America's force need training? Well, if we're already planning on force reduction, and if we retain many of the combat veterans that are already in uniform, absolutely not. America has a vast number of highly experienced combat veterans that have brought the military through ten years of rotations, deployments and hard fights. How can you honestly expect to train someone who has already been to Iraq and Afghanistan as many as five times? Don't you think that individual sort of has it down by now?

Kristol is the darling of the establishment because he reinforces bad choices and bad decisions and does so by throwing out nonsense like this. He is desperate to hit President Obama with any criticism, so he tries to be wonky and talk about defense. Perhaps he should have served in uniform.

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