Monday, August 8, 2011

Being a Hard Ass Always Solves the Problem

I can't think of a better program to continue than the one that puts food stamps in the hands of college students. Spend a billion dollars of Federal money each and every year to do just this for all I care because that's an excellent use of the program. If you can subsidize the meager income of college students--and do so with an established program that requires them to buy food--hell, yes that's a good idea.

First of all, they buy food with Food Stamps (and they damned well better because that's what food stamps are for). Second of all, they are then able to spend their money on things like beer and movies and things like that, which is what drives the local economy where college students live. Third, who in their right mind thinks that, just because a college student has food stamps that they're not working at least a part-time job in order to have money to buy beer and other consumer goods? How many of these kids are are easy street with their Food Stamps? Because there aren't any actual poor people collecting Food Stamps who think they're on easy street. In fact, many of them are lucky if they last half way through the month.

There is an economic effect at play here. Being a hard ass means "take away the food stamps." Fine, but what impact does that then have on the local economy where there are a lot of college students? They will then buy a little bit less food and have less discretionary income to spend on other things. So, if you're running a store next to the University of Michigan or somewhere like that, good bye to the meager amounts of Government money that was being used to put food in the mouths of college students, hello economic desperation. How much do you want to bet that stores in and around college campuses in Michigan will have to consider closure once this takes effect? Because the margin of error for a lot of those stores could probably be found in what kids were using to buy food with.

Should we help areas around colleges that support college kids? Yes, because those are sometimes economically depressed areas as well.

No, people should not be dependent on the government. People should starve, you see. Giving them pitifully small amounts of money to buy food is one of those draconian, horrible ideas that show us the flaws in our system, apparently. We don't need a modern system of providing a safety net for the poor. We need something that wouldn't look out of place in a Dickens novel in order to make certain that our Galtian overlords are happy.

I'd do you one better--everyone who has Veteran status should get Food Stamps automatically if they're eligible, college student or not. Auto-fucking-matically.

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